About us

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The Mexico Pharmaceutical Institute is the biggest certified consultancy and research center for public sector with strong alliances in México, Brazil & Europe.

  • INEFAM® is the biggest and most renowned public institutional sector consulting firm for 7 LATAM & Brazillian markets.
  • INEFAM is the biggest business intelligence on public sectors of México, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Panamá, Costa Rica & República Dominicana, with over 150 million of records in the big data.
  • 12 yrs in the market, founded in 2006.
  • 109 pharma industry clients during 2019.
  • Over 250 successfull consulting projects delivered.
  • Has signed contracts with over 150 pharmaceutical and distribution companies.
  • INEFAM® is a certified research center for CONACyT (mexican science and technology national center).
  • We are also effective members of the most important middle size pharma companies association in Europe, EUROPHARM SMC.
  • INEFAM DO BRASIL Ltda is affiliated to SINDUSFARMA in Brazil.
  • Specialized health sector data provider for CANIFARMA, AMIIF, ANAFAM, DILAMEG and AMELAF (pharma companies associations or unions).
  • CANIFARMA affiliate and member of 3 different subsections.
  • All of our training workshops and diploma courses are officially certified by the STyPS (mexican labor ministry).
  • We are the creators of the INEFAM® National Health Access Conference.
  • With over 200 alumni graduated, we are the creators of the Sales to Government and Institutional Health Access diploma course (115 hrs duration).

INEFAM: Which are our strenghts?

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